Laughter, they say, is the best medicine and we all need a good laugh every day!


Join us in art space for an evening of entertainment, jokes and XL giggles with some top stand-up comedians, who are sure to deliver gags that will make your sides hurt with laughter.


From 20:00 to 23:00 on Thursday 19th September 2019, four hilarious comics will entertain everyone with their wit, humour and fresh takes on life’s experiences. Watch out for the punch lines…


Tickets are only available at the door from 19:30, so come early to grab the best seats in the house, get your drinks lined up, enjoy pizza from our wood-fired oven, sit back and prepare to be entertained!

Erick Garcia

Fred Le Vu Minh Tu

Devin Gray

Originally from the USA and living in Hanoi for the last few years, will share his take on life in Asia, the quirks of being an expat abroad and some of life’s interesting experiences.

A California-born Vietnamese American comedian who combines his deft storytelling and penchant for the ridiculous, while recounting his experiences living in the country that he was supposed to be born in. He can be seen weekly on VTV4 serving as one of the hosts of the culture show Vietnam A-Z. Born in Hanoi and based in Ho Chi Minh, Tu is a comedy force. She is an established performer on the Vietnam comedy circuit and her hilarious jokes have seen her collect numerous awards. Sadly, her family doesn’t think she is funny, which is why they are never invited to shows, but luckily for us, her style of humour will ensure some fits of laughter.


A South African living in Ho Chi Minh, is one of the top rising stars in comedy, with appearances on Comedy Central, international festivals and pretty much any local bar with a stool and a microphone


So, order some drinks, flex those laughter muscles and unleash your inner tickle monster for a comedy night to remember.  Only VND 180,000 for the evening’s entertainment, including one glass of house wine, or local draught beer, or soft drink depending on your tipple of choice.